Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Jedi Mind Tricks Record

For those of you that are wondering, Jedi Mind Tricks just released a new record. The duo has put out 16 new songs on a record called "The Thief and the Fallen". It is 42 minutes of amazing work with various friends and others jumping into the mix. Pick it up HERE or download it, what the hell do I care?

Electronic Arts Is The Worst Company In America

Or it was. Things are changing after being called the worst, or rather being ranked the worst in America for several years. Now they are changing things, and new interviews shine light on the changes that may be looming.

cnet has the story here.

Pluto Becomes a Serious Mystery

The planet that no one wants to forget seems to be getting a lot more attention again. The orbit it has is definitely interesting, especially when you consider that there are 5 moons here. Yes, 5 moons.

Wired has the story here.

Giant Pinball Machine Will Make You Weepy Eyed

This is a giant pinball machine, you wish you could play it. PINBALL WIZARD!!!

Is Silicon Valley HBO's Answer To Entourage Haters?

This is a good question. Vulture online seems to think so, and hell, maybe it is. Too bad the show doesn't have me, a Mexican from the tech world involved.

You can read this via Vulture here.

Abby Wambach US Women's Soccer Phenom - Sports Illustrated

Abby Wambach's story is sure to get you interested in the Women's World Cup that is launching. Even though you can't watch it without cable or knowing someone that's a huge fan.

Sports Illustrated has that story here.

Uber's Big Resistance From France

Threats have come to Uber in a lot of ways. Everything from bans to regulations, and even physical violence on their drivers. Now trying to encroach on Paris, things are getting interesting.

The New York Times speaks on the big issue here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ed Templeton Surpasses Skateboarding For Art

The Los Angeles Times has a nice piece up about Ed Templeton and his latest art gallery showing. He takes photographs and drawings about the weird things that go on in Huntington Beach, Ca.  You may remember him from Toy Machine/Tum Yeto skateboarding fame. You can read and see a great deal of the artwork on the official story via LA Times.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Onion Sells Out

Satire is becoming a bit more serious all of a sudden. The Atlantic posted an interesting news story about how the classic satirical newspaper is no longer just for laughs. Or rather, the corporate heads are turning the site into a “media empire”. The news post points out that the company heads at The Onion will launch separate video options, and original programs. The best quote of the story is of course a half-joking one,"We only care about our advertisers,” which is definitely telling. Yes, this was tongue in cheek when stated, or rather quoted, but think about what is really going on.

The Onion is a business entity. Yes, it’s funny. But they are trying to make money. No business today can thrive without money. If there is a business today that isn’t concerned with profit, they are not going to last long. The site as we know it will shift to have more advertising, annoying elements, and it very well may still be popular. However, this is a move that a lot of sites are going forward with, and nothing new.

The real story here is that comedy is becoming a larger empire, right? Or in punk rock fan speak, they are selling out. Anything for a buck, right?  Read more about this via The Atlantic.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


For those of you in New York, make sure that you head on out to the Sunshine Cinema and get yourself a seat for the latest video from Josh Stewart’s “Static Series”. STATIC IV will premier tomorrow and it’s being sponsored by Zoo York, and others. Scope the teaser after the jump.